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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Integrating .Net with Erlang, part 6

Time for a major drop of the code.

It's been tidied up to remove most of the deprecation and to start unifying the comments as .Net XML. The BigInteger class has had a number of bugs found and fixed by unit testing (initialization, big left shifts, hex-string), and been made into a struct to reflect its value nature.

Pretty much all (say, 80%) of the stuff that can be tested statically in isolation has been, and the code has been revised with dependency injection and interfaces to do that (including a bug-fixed, back ported (to C# 2.0) version of NullObject.For<T>). Further testing will require some more extensive test set-up, such as spinning up a Java peer in a separate thread and talking TCP with it.

Code coverage is currently just over 60% for the Otp library, just over 70% for the ZLib code, for the static testing; beyond upgrading the wire types and the constants, the upgrade to 1.4 spec from 1.2 is not really begun.

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