My hobbyist coding updates and releases as the mysterious "Mr. Tines"

Monday 31 December 2001

"So who is the real Mr. Tines? The monster who'd smash a world, or the nice guy I'm hearing now?"

2001 - Man in Black

1992 - In Jordan, shortly after the first Gulf War

Mr. Tines relaxing on the Damrak, between bouts of biz, back in '92.

Cruising around the South Pacific (to be precise, the Bay of Islands, in the far north of New Zealand), late '96.

1996 - Before the US reformed its crypto export laws, this shirt was an illegally exported munition

1992 - Shen Kuei, my favourite cat, in typical mood. 4-Jun-83 to 30-Jan-95, R.I.P.

(No) Progress

  1. Since May I have managed maybe one evening of work on the crypto, and that mainly starting a rework of the Angerona GUI as an explorer-style. Since CTC works as it stands, the motivation for doing more work is fading - after six years, the enthusiasm starts to wane. I still see some point in Angerona as a Java 1.1 project, with J# as the way to doing a .NET port, and SuperWaba for the Palm (probably each with its own GUI) but don't hold your breath.
  2. I have played with some other toys, but there's nothing new of releaseable state as yet
  3. Much of my creative energies have for the last year gone into the first bit of new fiction that I've indulged in since college days back in the later 70s. The first couple of chapters are online

Monday 17 September 2001

Staying here

After 11-Sep-01, the inevitable voices are starting to talk about clamping down on encryption, such as the reactionary story at suggesting cruise missile attacks on servers passing encryption. So much for e-commerce with SSL protecting your credit card numbers, if the Torygraph were running the country.

However, the genie is out of the bottle - and has been for over a decade. And servers are much cheaper than cruise missiles.

We must also remember that there are positive reasons for seeking privacy via strong encryption, endorsed by reputable groups such as Human Rights Watch amongst others.

Closing my sites would also be futile, as to my certain knowledge there have been mirrors made by third parties that include the CTClib software.

Wednesday 30 May 2001

Fencepost error in bignums.c routine s_m_mod()

    register unit divisor = topUnit + 1;
    assert(firstUnit < topUnit);     /* required for udiv_qrnnd */

The assert should be

assert(firstUnit < divisor)

Sunday 1 April 2001

Not an April Fool!!

CTClib 2.3 and CTCjava 1.2 now released after working around the strange fact that the Borland implementations of iswspace() and friends don't seem to work on Win98 if the locale is not "C".

The v2.3 library also has the CTCjlib code and the documentation pages folded into it.