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Thursday 6 November 2003

Installation problems for CTCjava -- workround

Having had problems with the ZeroG free version installer for CTCjava on Win XP and current Java releases, here are instructions for how to work around any failures on that platform.

If the installer fails to run (I've had this happen under WinXP Home, where even a copy of the installed system executable will not run, but not WinXP Pro), then you have to fall back to a variant of the Linux strategy below. Download the Linux archive and the CTClib 2.3.1 patch dll archive. Extract the .jar file from the former, and the dll from the latter, and put them in the same folder. Now create a ctcjava.bat file that has commands to change to the partition and then cd to the folder where you have placed these files, and then executes

wjview /cp:p ctcjava.jar com.ravnaandtines.ctcjava.CTC ctcjava.ini

to use the Microsoft VM, which is what I needed to use to get it working at all, or

javaw -cp ctcjava.jar com.ravnaandtines.ctcjava.CTC ctcjava.ini

(with the javaw for the JDK or equivalent jrew command for the JRE preceeded by the path to the Java installation's \bin folder if it's not on the path) to use a Sun JRE if that works for you.

Put a shortcut to this on your desktop with an icon as desired.