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Tuesday 7 January 2003

Tines' Dice 1.1 + IconPatch

One negative of Plua for the PalmOS platform is that it leaves you with a default Plua-powered large icon and the PalmOS default list icon. And there aren't any obvious (to Google) freeware icon patching utilities out there. So I wrote one. It assumes you use PilRC (or TealPoint Software's BMP2AIB) program to compile the tAIB03e8.bin and tAIB03e9.bin files (names aren't important, but you must supply both of them), and it patches the .prc file. Note that BMP2AIB does require you get the colour palette right whereas PilRC uses a best-match approach. The archive contains an example that shows how I patched Tines' Dice 1.1 to have a more obviously dice-oriented logo (2d6), with PilRC .rcp file, all the .BMP files and the resulting .prc file.

Second download from the RPG page.