My hobbyist coding updates and releases as the mysterious "Mr. Tines"

Sunday 15 October 2000


Updated SOCKS library to fix bug in method getPort(); line int len = 1 + packet[4+offset]&0xFF; - add 1 to len to allow for the count byte itself. CTCjava how-to-build instructions added.

Sunday 11 June 2000

Kaffe VM

When running the Kaffe VM on Linux, in (in the archive linked here) the last offscreen.flush() should be omitted, (Affects library code and the applets of my RPG page), but not Netscape's. This VM also seems to have a problem with my ImageProducer and related classes, but I haven't figured out what its bug is. Meanwhile, a general bug - in the Ephemeris applet, class DomeStar.locate() should skip if polar is null.