My hobbyist coding updates and releases as the mysterious "Mr. Tines"

Friday 29 June 2007

PassiveFTP 1.10

Now available on the home server too.

Wednesday 27 June 2007

PassiveFTP 1.10

As promised…

PassiveFTP 1.10 — build 1.10.2734.38706 — squeezes in an up-one-level button into the remote site list, for FTP sites that manage to conceal their ".." directories. Or for people who'd prefer it anyway.

From the GeoCities Windows page at the moment. I need to do a physical rather than a remote logon to my home server before I can upload to that, so in a day or two.

Tuesday 26 June 2007

PassiveFTP -- new revision

As the revised Demon homepages site doesn't provide ".." as a directory in the default ls response, I shall have to add an explicit "go up one level" button to the server side.

Expect version 1.10 soonish.

Sunday 24 June 2007

Current directions

CTClib/Angerona is taking a strange turn.

I want to use IronPython for .Net and Mono UI; but for the core library keep it as pure Python as feasible. But to get there, I'm porting via C++/CLI.

I have most of it building (I have not ported I/O, or deflate as yet), and I'm separating out the test code into a more formal set of unit tests.

The plan goes get it into "managed 'C'" with test coverage (side release 1); refactor to provide CLR interfaces at suitable places (side release 2); then pull code through the language barrier, one module at a time, to achieve a pyCTC library (library release 1), followed by a WinForms GUI on top. Or maybe Jython for the GUI.

No promises, as usual.