My hobbyist coding updates and releases as the mysterious "Mr. Tines"

Sunday 18 April 2004

Janus/.Net 1.1

Janus.Net 1.1 experimental — version 1.1.1569.19993 — contains experimental code to perform HTTP Basic and NTLMv2 authentication to HTTP based proxies. The only reliance on library code by the NTLM support is for the System.Security.Crypto.MD5 class — everything else for NTLM is in-line. The code is experimental in that I've tested the authentication code against a local copy of IIS, rather than against a real authenticating web proxy.

From the Windows page.

Friday 9 April 2004

PassiveFTP 1.4

PassiveFTP 1.4 — PassiveFTP version 1.4.1560.16653 — minor bug-fix release — if a logon to a new server was abandoned by terminating the program, the current server would be set to the new one — but on restart this would cause an out-of-range error, as there would be no stored server details.