My hobbyist coding updates and releases as the mysterious "Mr. Tines"

Saturday 21 June 2003

Validator Updates

Both the XHTML validator programs now support

  • whole folder validation, and
  • respecting file declared DOCTYPE (if it's one of the three XHTML DTDs, 1.0 Transition, 1.0 Strict or 1.1, defaulting to 1.0 Strict).

Versions are now 2.1.1263.35260 for .NET and 1.2 for Java. The Java version is noisier than the .NET version, in emitting redefinition warnings; but the W3C validator agrees with the .NET version where I have done comparisons.

Fixed bug in the Java build of the CSS2 parser that didn't handle relative file:// URLs properly, so failed on @import url() statements; this is something long ago fixed in the J# version - just forgot I needed to port it back.

Tweaked style sheets so that Konqueror 3.0 doesn't merge the print style into the screen presentation and hide the site-map links.