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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Integrating .Net with Erlang, part 5

I have a first drop that has all the C# input code written, and a start of some unit tests for interoperability with the J# build of jinterface 1.4. Nowhere near enough tests are written yet, and a couple of those that have been (encoding a 64-bit integer in J# and unpacking in C#) don't yet work. But at least it's a start.

Still to do are the full gamut of integer types, and the complex ones -- lists, tuples, ports and such, then replicate for writing by C# and reading in J#.

One fix to the tests was for my code -- I needed to take the surprising little-endian wire format for an extended integer, and reverse it to fit into the BigInteger class I got from Codeplex; the second was a fix to that class:

>             // BUGFIX -- use an accumulator rather than |=ing into
>             // m_digits[m_digits.DataUsed], which will be zero
>             DType accumulator = 0;
<     m_digits[m_digits.DataUsed] |= (DType)(array[offset + leftOver - i] << ((i - 1) * 8));
>                 DType digit = array[offset + leftOver - i];
>                 digit = (digit << ((i - 1) * 8));
>                 accumulator |= digit;
>             m_digits[m_digits.DataUsed] = accumulator;

Code drop for the curious at the usual site. The project assumes you have NCover and NUnit around your system to run the tests and take coverage stats.

Update: More tests, and a few more fixes, refactorings and extensions added 24-Apr. Doubles now get encoded in the new style and integers that fall into the Int64 range are handled so the jinterface code can handle them.

Update: 26-Apr -- Added an export to little-endian byte array for BigInteger and added unit tests for short and long BigInteger representations.

Update: 27-Apr -- A first pass of Java type to C# and back for all the Java wire types, and a start of interface breaking changes to shut FxCop up a bit. Still needs a lot of like-for-like based unit tests, and detailed code cleaning.

Update: 28-Apr -- Unit tests about complete for all the wire types. Now the fun really begins.

Update: 4-May -- Unit tests extended to the input and output classes, including adding compression via a modified version of the ComponentAce port JZlib. All code now clean after FxCop scrubbing. Still needs all the node related classes being compared with the jinterface 1.4 versions and tested.

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