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Friday, 30 November 2007

Life in the old dog yet…

Contradicting my earlier assertion that “it's only when you want GUI that you have to get off the fence.” — I've built the Java 1.0-based Gadget Windowing Toolkit against JVM for Java 5 and (with just a little added C#) CLR.

It might not be “teh shiny”, and won't give you mouse wheel events, but it's the fastest way to a common GUI toolkit for both VMs.

Weaning it off the Java 1.0 event model that it uses inside a 1.1 emulator, and using Container instead of its own Gadget class (written because Container and Component had protected constructors at Java 1.0) would make it a lot leaner, and more robust, but it's not a simple matter of mechanically replacing the classes. There is a lot of code dedicated to managing focus and graphics contexts — including managing the masks and offsets — that would have to be carefully moved across.

And of course, there's only the one huge demo/test, rather than unit tests.

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