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Monday, 26 November 2007

Shaking some dust off…

After a long distraction by paying work, I'm starting to turn attention back to projects. The IronPython FTP client still needs wiring up (and bug fixing), but a few developments in recent months -- JRuby, and now Ruby.Net 0.9, have led me to turn my attention once again to taking my old PGP-emulator library, currently languishing as 'C' and a number of abortive ports, out of the 1970s.

I have several key bits -- crypto algorithm implementations I rolled myself, and, now the JZlib port of the key ZLib component (for reasons best known to PRZ, the version in PGP 2.x uses an 8k window, and no standard APIs give you control over that so as to be able to emit compatible compression) -- in Java. But now I could build the rest of the system in Ruby and build it to the CLR as well as the JVM.

Then it's only when you want GUI that you have to get off the fence.

Of course, uploading the library will mean I shall want to have completed my improved FTP client, so win-win,… or something

Meanwhile a long term-goal for self-development stuff at work will involve some F#…

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