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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Jython/Scala stack revisited

After last year's experiments, another refinement in the process of getting the two languages to talk, this time from inside NetBeans.

Last year, doing everything from the command line, I got across the language bridge by adding the scala jar to the classpath. Inside NetBeans, you get a little way along the road by adding the scala-library jar and the jars from the scala layer of the stack to the project Python Path. This will let you import types, and see that traits have the expected members. Classes, however, appear as None valued.

For development purposes, you can, instead of adding the jars to the classpath, add them to sys.path instead, like:


For a real app, rather than hard-coding, these file paths could be supplied as arguments.

Scala companion objects, with names ending in $ don't show up at all in the namespaces when imported into Jython, so anything static-like will have to be accessed through a throwaway class instance.

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