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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Integrating .Net with Erlang, part 7

Another update, after work during the holiday weekend.

By using a lot of spare cycles, I found a test case for the division code not previously exercised:

9659964175213286916418497243082984930780677040655778513759952405592597918851617939992802011783376153721017703858175 / 3248063261698017931917474008545947342556579729240422363527 = 2974068974926080862795323621370295193198999568425344221053

Also made the astoundingly obvious discovery that I needed the real Erlang port mapper dæmon running, so put a unit test in which spawns an Erlang process to contact. It works fine in NUnit-gui, but fails every time in the build time coverage plus test cycle, so is labelled as [Explicit]. I need to to write at least one test that handles the call in the other direction, but this is getting close to as far as can easily be done in unit test form.

And it's getting close to my usual summer break from coding in the evenings, so this is probably close to being "it" for a while.

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