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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Integrating .Net with Erlang, part 3

A kind anonymous has pointed out that someone has already done the job of porting an earlier version ( of the jinterface code, even though it has not made its way into the standard distro. Via this blog post, one eventually gets to the sourceforge repository details for it.

This actually does work with IronPython (after the trivial edits to load the appropriate assembly and the slightly different class names) and without the J# runtime being involved.

I spotted the comment after spending a little while porting the 1.4 code. Actually the underlying Java code is quite horrid -- to start with there are lots of methods with the same name as fields; and a lot of identically named fields shadowing ones elsewhere in the inheritance hierarchy; and methods and fields are used interchangeably. Then there are blocks of cut-and-paste and tweak code; plenty of swallowing of exceptions and blurred responsibilities (where one object performs a series of manipulations on a member of another object). And there there is this (where d is a double):

  public float floatValue()
    throws OtpErlangRangeException {
    float f = (float)d;

    if (f != d) {
      throw new OtpErlangRangeException("Value too large for float: " + d);

    return f;

which doesn't look too tested to me -- what's this (f != d), in case you couldn't spot it. This is carried over into, and, I think, shows how little floating point is used.

I fixed up the name clashes and some of the blurred responsibility in the Java, then ran the conversion over; and by taking out the BigInteger stuff (not there in's Long class -- haven't checked the rest of these), compression, most of the floating point, got what was left to build, though it currently fails in the challenge/response handshake (where has replaced the roll-your-own MD5 with calls into System.Cryptography).

Where could we go from here?

Two main things need doing. The code needs to be brought up to the 1.4 standard and make better use of .Net 2.0 e.g. for tracing; and it needs to be refactored to clean up inherited code smells.

Ideally, some of the changes should be back-ported into jinterface, too.

To date, this includes fallback to Java's file based location for cookie and a replacement for some of the non-ported tracing code (logging the remote endpoint).

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