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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

PassiveFTP 1.11

Here or here.

PassiveFTP 1.11 — build 1.11.2971.37821 — mitigates the upload rate problem I've been having, by doing some unexpectedly effective tweaks to socket parameters.

This came after having do do some throughput optimizations on XP at work for code that worked just dandy on Windows server OSs from NT4 up. There it was just a case of upping the send buffer size. Here, that was ineffective, but I did get a big boost from by sending only small packets and disabling Nagle coalescence.

The new default upload rate is 128kb/s (1ms sleep between successful sends of 128-byte packets), which gave the best rate for me, up from an old and unreliable 2kb/s.

This will of course feed back into the FePy version whenever I get the enthusiasm for doing all the plumbing.

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