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Monday, 4 February 2008

If only...

Ultimately, the big splat from yesterday tracks down to calling the stub of

JbImp error: Couldn't find class 'java.lang.InheritableThreadLocal'

from the class constructor of Console$. Now it would not be beyond the wit of man to emulate that new class in a library shim and leave everything else as I found it, but... More annoying are the extensions to fundamental classes dating back to JDK 1.0 days, especially final ones like String

JbImp error: Unresolved Method 'public static java.lang.String java.lang.Character.toString(char)'
JbImp error: Unresolved Method 'public static java.lang.String[] java.lang.String.split(java.lang.String)'

where (absent some incantation to splice J#'s AWT into the namespace of an OpenJDK dll or similar), tackling it means modifying the Scala library code to retrofit. Oh, yes, and even then there are some places where the Scala bytecode manages to throw jbimp for a wobbly.

But if I keep to a fairly restricted subset (and for the moment I'd be interested in using it when writing a parser of OpenPGP), I might get away with a very small port of the runtime and library.

Oh, well, like I said, hands on.

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