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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Ruby.Net and Ruby.Net — foiled again

A reboot (of the machine, and myself) later, I realised that the obscure "Wrong argument type String (Class expected)" was the result of a sleep-addled 'C'-drenched brain putting include 'Wizard' where require 'Wizard' was expected.

Not so good with the memory issue. After a couple of hours debugging and finally getting the code to interoperate, DevStudio was peaking at over 370Mb of memory, and still thrashing (on a 512Mb machine), while building a project with < 1000 lines of Ruby. NetBeans, by comparison has about 150Mb (if I have a lot of files open)in the IDE and and under 40Mb in the spawned application.

I've put the Interop example code -- showing how to call from shared code JRuby/Ruby.Net to shared-code Java/J# libraries. main.rb calls Wizard.rb which calls through the interop layer defined by .jsl files for Ruby.Net->J#, and Interfaces.rb plus the .java files for JRuby->Java -- on one of my sites, for those who are interested in taking this further.

Until I upgrade my hardware to something that permits more than a toy Ruby.Net layer, though, I don't think I'll be taking the ideal of a shared code/multi-VM project further with Ruby. Which sucks, because that has the best IDE support (I don't even know if the Jython add-in for NetBeans still works at 6.0).

Still a little experimentation is needed with that, and with Scala, to get to an equivalent proof of concept stage.

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