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Monday, 14 January 2008

Ruby.Net and Ruby.Net — first steps

Not a typo, alas.

I was testing calling from a Ruby.Net .exe file into a Ruby.Net .dll, to see if partitioning like that would work; though not in such a simple setup as that : I was trying to test a Ruby implementation of a wizard dialog using the GWT... So I create a Testbed.Net.exe that refers to gwt_ruby.dll (which is built from a single source file Wizard.rb).

That fails with a Key Not Found Exception, and looking at the Ruby.Net code, and ildasm-ing the assembly, I discern that it was looking for a gwt_ruby.rb file having been built into the project. So I give it one to satisfy it

require 'Wizard'
class Gwt_Ruby


The Ruby.Net build is being a voracious memory hog on my 3 year old machine with only 512Mb RAM -- even for only a few hundred lines of Ruby code each build and test is taking more than half an hour of thrashing madly at almost 0% CPU. And I thought that NetBeans was memory hungry -- that I can work on in realtime, with the same code in JRuby. I'm not sure that testing this is going to be practical, even without having to work around packaging quirks.

It's almost enough to drive me to Scala!

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