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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Making IronPython and J# more Jythonic -- Part 1

For the Nine Unknown Men who might also be attempting this sort of thing.

Persistance pays…

import dtai.gwt.GadgetFrame

def my__getattr__(self, name):
  if name.startswith("__"):
    raise AttributeError(name)
  getter = "get"+name.capitalize()
  if getter in dir(self):
    tmp = getattr(self, getter)
    return tmp()
  iser = "is"+name.capitalize()
  if iser in dir(self):
    tmp = getattr(self, iser)
    return tmp()
  raise AttributeError(name)
class Local:    
  def getFred(self):
    return "Fred!"
Local.__getattr__ = my__getattr__
test = Local()   
print test.fred

class WrappedGadgetFrame(dtai.gwt.GadgetFrame):

WrappedGadgetFrame.__getattr__ = my__getattr__
dtai.gwt.GadgetFrame = WrappedGadgetFrame

window =  dtai.gwt.GadgetFrame()
print window.visible

when executed, yields


which is the get() side of attributes done at the cost of a pass of subclassing. The equivalent set() shouldn't be too difficult, but automating the subclassing will be the next challenge.

Then adding the listener-based attributes; and finally, hiding it from Jython…

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