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Monday, 21 January 2008

How Jythonic can it get?

Following up from my previous post, I've been thinking that it would be nice if I could make the code there a bit more Jythonic -- wrapping Java-style bean properties and event handlers transparently in the IronPython/J# world, where the inherent properties will be the Capitalized .Net ones, and we only have the .Net delegate-style handlers.

I will need to experiment to see exactly how open the IronPython proxy classes are to extension, first.

So many projects, so little free time. And I really need to do more with F# and PowerShell, not to mention wanting to try writing a generic protocol-terminating proxy framework in Erlang, probably with SOCKS5 as an exemplar protocol.


As I suspected, setting Local.__getattr__ = my__getattr__ for a function of suitable signature works where Local is a pure IronPython class; but for an imported .Net class I get

TypeError: can't set '__getattr__' in dictproxy

even with the indirect approach of something like dtai.gwt.GadgetFrame.__dict__["__getattr__"] = my__getattr__.

So Java/J# idioms at the interface it may have to be.

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