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Friday, 28 December 2007

Phase 2 — “The best code is code someone else has already written and debugged.”

So goes the old saying.

And looking at the almost decade old Angerona project code, I see there's a lot of code that is written, was lightly debugged, probably works, and just needs refactoring. After all, it was the lack of a ZLib that stopped that effort dead, not anything with the existing code.

So, the next phase will be to put together an infrastructure library (jar/dll) from the useful bits, which should be enough to get to the point of being able to parse a key-ring or similar binary file to OpenPGP format.

At that point, some weeks hence, it will make sense to put a first bit of GUI on top; and start filling in the gaps in a less clunky language than Java where possible.

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