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Sunday, 16 December 2007

J# and Ruby.Net — first steps

This seems to work

//C# assembly referencing the Ruby.NET.Runtime assembly
namespace Inspect
    public class Access
        public static Ruby.Class getRubyPerson()
            ClassLibrary2.nested.Person p = new ClassLibrary2.nested.Person("", 0);
            return Ruby.Class.CLASS_OF(p);
## Ruby 
x = Inspect::Access.getRubyPerson()
fred =, age)

It's a pity that I need an object and cannot just send a System.Type into Interop.CLRClass.Load(type, null, false);, which this ends up doing, but that method is internal to the Runtime DLL.

It should be possible, though, to have a require_jsharp('assembly.dll') that does the tedious running around back and forth through the Ruby/C# boundary in an anutmated fashion, and creates appropriate proxies for lowercase package-names in a tree-like object.

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