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Sunday, 24 June 2007

Current directions

CTClib/Angerona is taking a strange turn.

I want to use IronPython for .Net and Mono UI; but for the core library keep it as pure Python as feasible. But to get there, I'm porting via C++/CLI.

I have most of it building (I have not ported I/O, or deflate as yet), and I'm separating out the test code into a more formal set of unit tests.

The plan goes get it into "managed 'C'" with test coverage (side release 1); refactor to provide CLR interfaces at suitable places (side release 2); then pull code through the language barrier, one module at a time, to achieve a pyCTC library (library release 1), followed by a WinForms GUI on top. Or maybe Jython for the GUI.

No promises, as usual.

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