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Saturday, 26 April 2003

Geocities site cleanup : Spring cleaning and mega redesign

This site went black many years ago as part of a one-day protest event (which might have been something to do with the American CDA), and stayed that way out of inertia. Now I felt it was a suitable season for a redesign, and have done one with an eye to handling small format devices (for mobile internet) for which a 150-200 pixel navigation bar at the left becomes a screen-wide thing, often rendered above the page body; in any case the real above-the-fold content is hidden offscreen to the right or below of the first screenful. To combat this all navigation is moved into a narrow band, with links top and bottom to a site map; and in the more functional browsers, the whole thing is a clickable link.

The new look is a brushed-metal version of the original Mosaic/Netscape black text on grey ground.

Putting style information into a separate CSS has had the advantage of letting old browsers like NN4.5 pick some of them up, which the in-line ones weren't being, so the site should be looking better there too.
Downside - as I'm going for XHTML 1.0 strict, I'm using <object> rather than <applet>, which currently means I've only got applets working on IE6 - but I'm working on it.

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