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Sunday, 1 January 2006

CTCJava 2.0 Beta 1

This release is a 7-zip format archive, and uses Java 5 (JRE 1.5) or later, rather than the Java 1.1 of the previous models. The main feature of this release is a replacement of the UI widgets with Java Swing components; and the start of a rework of the way in which multiple open files are managed.

This release archive contains a 7-zip archive with detached signature; within that 4 other such archives, each containing a file and its detached signature. The files in the innermost archives, the ones with accompanying signature, are

  1. CTCJava.jar — the compiled file including icons (Both the “Dean's icons” set used before, and the preferred Tango Project set.
  2. — the refactored source code
  3. ctcjlib.dll — version 2.3.2192.30638; modified from the previous version to take into account changes in the names of classes and methods in the Java code
  4. — the modified source used to build the above.

I shan't make promises about the likely schedule of further updates.

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